9810361Artist: DJ Icey
Title: Hot Lock (VIP Mix)
Label: Zone Records
Genre: Breaks

Review by Raj Marathe – Music Producer, DJ and contributing member of MFTM.
http://soundcloud.com/rajmarathe | http://twitter.com/rajmarathe

Many of you who follow Breaks know who DJ Icey. He is considered by many to be the godfather of breaks and a pioneer of the breaks movement in the United States. Icey is based out of Florida.
He has released many tracks over the years under his DJ Icey moniker and a few aliases along the way.

The great thing about this track, Hot Lock (VIP Mix), is that it appeals to everyone. In summary it is a breaks track, but the combination of elements provide for a club friendly track and an energetic vibe that works well for a dance floor. Will work just fine for those who are not familiar with breaks as well as those who are breaks fans. With that said, it hits home with it’s summertime debut.

To describe the track, it starts off with percussion that is very reminiscent of something that the Stanton Warriors might have released a few years ago- but teases some of Icey’s trademark moves inside of it. The first breakdown is where the real energy starts, with synth melodies that are perfect for raising the energy and vibe of a club. The synth itself reminds me of classic Ferry Corsten stuff from back in the day. The percussion on the drop is perfect for a club with styles that bump and can easily make people get into the groove. It changes up in typical style from that point on.

For DJs, you will find that a track like this is good for the earlier part of a DJ set to help bring the vibes up in the place if they need to be there. Of course, like anything when DJing, read your audiences and use at the appropriate moment.

I personally like the track. I wish Icey would have done a more energetic/climatic build before the drop, but I tend to notice that Icey doesn’t waste any time with that sort of element in his tracks.
His style has always been ‘business’ and not so much teasing like many other producers.

My overall ratings for this track:
– Thumbs up/down: Thumbs-Up
– On a 5-star scale (with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst): 4/5.
– Remarks: Excellent. Keep this handy for the right moment in your DJ sets.

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