If you haven’t heard of MØ, you’re missing out one of the most exciting electronic artists of the last ten years. She’s blonde, she’s Danish and she’s cooler than you’ll ever be – just watch the video for single ‘XXX 88’ and find out for yourself. This raucous, rampant ball of energy is slowly taking over the world and when musical dominion sounds this good, who’s complaining? With debut album ‘No Mythologies To Follow’ due to hit shelves this week, it’s time for MØ to introduce herself.

After years spent writing Peaches-style shlock rap, MØ has finally found her niche – or rather, broken out of it. Her debut is remarkable in range, taking in everything from electronica to grunge, krunk, hip hop, pop, dubstep and new wave in twelve blistering tracks. It’s a truly schizophrenic offering, but MØ’s glittering pop vocals are the hook that holds it all together. She sings, moans, wails, yells, beat boxes and grunts her way through tracks like ‘Fire Rides’ and ‘Pilgrim’ like a banshee set loose.

It’s always endearing when a singer isn’t afraid to sound ugly, to distort their voice in the same way that they would a musical instrument. This is what MØ achieves on standout tracks like ‘Waste Of Time,’ a hard and heavy anthem to lost love that hits the throb of post-dubstep right on the nail. The embittered lyrics of this song are a powerful reminder not to mess with a woman who can swing her ponytail in perfect circles round her head – ‘You said I was your beat, what the fuck! Now I’m just your bitch, what the fuck!’

‘No Mythologies To Follow’ is an album of contrasts that is brought together by a larger than life personality. It is a modern masterpiece of multi tracked vocals and cheeky ad libs, of hip hop posturing, gurgling bass lines and pulsating synths. It’s difficult to believe that such a confident, cocksure album could come from such a delicate looking pop vixen, but MØ is no ordinary artist. She’s a musical chameleon, a one woman party and it’s a party that you’re invited to.


-Sam Haines