Unkle performing live is always a rare treat. Notable recent appearances over the last few years have included Lavelle’s collaboration with the Kubrick foundation for the Somerset House Unkle performances and his futuristic ‘cubed’ appearances in the basement of Selfridges.

Now, following up The Road Part 1 with Part 2 Lavelle returns to rock the Royal Festival Hall, joined with a variety of collaborators and a show which sets itself apart by being split into two halves.

The RFH is definitely a change of tone for recent Unkle events by notably being seated instead of standing. But with Lavelle’s integration of visuals into Unkle performances it feels a very natural blend of both a cinematic and live music experience. Act 1 the club takes the audience through a rollercoaster ride of previous Unkle hits with Lavelle joined by cellist Philip Sheppard, drummer Alex Thomas and multi instrumentalist Steven Weston. We’re given tasters of classics such as ‘Restless’ (backdropped by a growling Josh Homme behind Lavelle) and more recent hits including Ar : mour and even Donna Summer’s classic I feel love which gets the audience out of their seats.

With some confused audience members leaving after Act 1, Act 2 brings in a host of collaborators from the latest album. Tom Smith of the Editors delivers a rowsing rendition of The Other Side alongside Liela Moss (Duke Spirit) and Robbie Furze (Big Pink). It’s a great mix of musicians and a real nod to where Lavelle really shines in bringing together fantastic collaborators to really create an iconic and special sound.

The Road Part 2 definitely has a feel to the classic sounds of Psyence Fiction and Lavelle’s performance at the Royal Festival Hall certainly feels like a new direction in a lot of ways. As with every Unkle event we’re looking forward to seeing what Lavelle has next up his sleeve.


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