Mountain View

Dreamland has already seen an incredible amount of events under it’s roof since it’s reopening last year. In a short space of time the venue have hosted events including Fierce Angel, Cuban Bros, Dub Pistols and not forgetting the fantastic Demon Dayz festival hosted by the Gorillaz last summer.

So it’s with great anticipation that we await Dreamland’s headline electronica act for July the mighty Orbital! Phil and Paul Hartnoll have a long standing history within dance music with countless hits to their name. On top of which they’re both men of Kent so this should be a very special event indeed.

Dreamland tell us that the brothers have “Warped and changed” the classic orbital catalogue so that faithful fans will get something new but freshened up for a new phase- Which sounds hugely exciting.

This will be one event you won’t want to miss – make sure you grab your tickets from