With the forthcoming fourth Unkle album ‘The Road Part 1′ and a plethora of praised singles from the album out already, it’s fair to say there’s a huge interest in Unkle currently. With what we’ve heard so far it’s evident James Lavelle has again raised the bar with an album that promises to be something very special indeed featuring a host of talent.

So it’s with some excitement that we had a chance to check out a very special and very unique performance from Unkle. Nestled deep under Oxford Street in the depths of Selfridges lies the extravagantly titled ‘Ultralounge’ which is currently hosting a range of one off events as part of their Music Matters series. With a plethora of artists involved including Joe Goddard, Kudu Blue and Raye & Mabel it’s sure to be an amazing set of dates indeed.

From stepping out from the late night shoppers of Selfridges and into the dark recesses of the Ultralounge we were immediately struck with the fantastic VJ screens set up for the evening. Unkle never disappoint with their visuals and tonight is sure to be no different. A perspex cube surrounds a plethora of musical equipment which takes centre stage amidst the darkness.

As Lavelle & Co take to the stage the screens come to life displaying a range of phenomenal visuals which surround the performers. We watch as a figure seemingly tries to break free from the perspex VJ box whilst Tom Yorke’s accapella of Rabbit in your headlights floats over the legendary ‘Lonely Soul’. Before hell-fire flames lick the screens in time to Josh Homme’s dulcet tones over Unkle classic ‘Restless’. It’s absolutely incredible and entrancing coupled with the sounds of Lavelle.

Then, all changes and the corner screens are flipped allowing the visuals to literally float out into the crowd! It’s particularly mesmerising and particularly poignant watching idyllic scenes of skateboarders on a sun drenched street, performing tricks whilst Gavin Clark’s ‘Heaven’ plays. An emotive moment which most definitely raises a few lumps in throats. Later the crowd stand stunned as the visuals to ‘The Road’ hover whilst the incredible single blasts out to an enraptured audience. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Our particular high point has to be watching a visual of a pale faced woman dancing amidst flora and fauna as Unkle classic ‘In a state’ plays. This classic set tightly against the incredible new single ‘Sunrise Always comes Around’. It’s a staggering moment of synchronicity and shows Lavelle at his best displaying his incredible mixing skills.

All in, Unkle’s debut at Music Matters gives us taste of some very exciting performances to come at Selfridges, in undoubtedly one of London’s most exciting music spaces. Not to mention a glimpse at what is sure to be one of the biggest dance albums of the year.

Don’t forget you can buy official Music Matters tickets from www.selfridges.com/musicmatters

Photo credit Lewis Ronald