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Upon arriving in St Lucia it’s safe to say the first thing that assaults your ears upon turning on the radio, are the overwhelming sounds of local Soka, Hip-Hop, Calypso and frankly appaullingly mixed ‘dance music’. Well I say mixed, but a fairer description would be sounds quite literally ‘thrown’ together (not in a good way). Generally with added air horns thrown in for good measure. It can be painful on the ears of the dance music lover, and a real shame as the local music can be good, it’s just unfortunate the art of mixing seems to have been lost over here.

But the good news is one man has started to make a change, and his fruits of labour are slowly coming to fruition!

Every three months an Expat named Ian (surname) rounds out some of the best local house DJ’s in St Lucia and gives them a stage to play on. The parties he puts on are hidden away in secret location that no one knows about until a few weeks before. The guys don’t advertise either, its strictly word of mouth but they still manage to pack out a location.

This weekend has been no different; the party location was Pigeon Island, normally a quiet tourist attraction with old military remains and some stunning panoramic views I’m rather partial to. The Island used to sit out in the sea all by itself until the 1970’s when the tourist board built a new marina.  The tourist board, cleverly not only got the new marina built, but the excess earth was used then used to create a road to the Island, which is now a national Park. Two attractions for the price of one!

The party itself was set up at the bottom of “Signal Hill” near some ruins on the far east coast of the island. This meant you had a stunning backdrop of Rodney Bay backlit by an awe inspiring full moon. Jambe De Bois, the local restaurant, was itself set into some ruins and acted as inpromptu bar quite perfectly.

I caught up with several of the DJ’s including Blade and DJ Twist and Top Class.  All were extremely positive about the parties, which offered freedom for the DJs to rock out a variety of dance genres including house and Caribbean classics with a twist. Keeping both the locals and visitors happy. Ian finishes off the night with an awesome mix of eclectic tracks keeping the crowd bouncing til dawn.

All of this is backdropped to some superb unique stage antics the likes of which includes witches spinning fire works and a mummy climbing up the side of a ruin. Only in St Lucia!

This looks like the start of something special on the island. If you’re lucky enough to hear about the next one you should definitely come along.

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